In The Cavity of a Rock

In The Cavity of a Rock
Father Lehi

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Metal Plates found in Jordan, but are they authentic?

Recently a set of about 20 books or plates surfaced, belonging to Hassan Saeda, a Bedouin farmer from Galilee who says they have been in his families possession since his great grandfather found them in a cave in Jordan a century ago.

The Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) has dismissed them saying they are of no value. They state that they are a mixture of incompatible periods and styles with out any connection or logic. Such motifs can be found in the thousands in the antiquities markets in Jordan and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Robert Feather a metallurgist with a passion for archeology, has been asked to authenticate what he believes could be one of the most exciting discoveries since the Dead Sea Scrolls. The West London Synagogue member has previously published on the Copper Scroll, the Dead Sea Scroll thought to hold the locations of the Temple treasures.

Now he is trying to establish the origins of this mysterious cache of metal books which could be linked to the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is a set of scripture that exist outside fo the Jewish traditional scriptures. They are a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between an eternal creator and his mortal universe. This collection consists of more than 20 early books made mostly of lead containing cryptic messages in Hebrew and Greek along with symbols such as the Menorah. In various places the Hebrew seem to be speaking of Bar Kochba the leader of the second century Judean revolt against the Romans as well as Shimon Bar Yochai who hid in a cave from the Romans for 13 years.

Undeterred Mr. Feather cites the findings of Dr. Peter Northover a metals analyst at Oxford University who has conducted tests on two samples of metals from one book and has concluded that their composition was consistant with a range of ancient lead, and that it was clear from the surface corrosion that the book was not a recent production.

Mr. Saeda's lawyer insisted that the IAA did not carry out extensive enough checks and research on the material. He also stated that after the time he has spent around them he believes them to be authentic as well. There was also a piece of leather found with the plates with the image of a crocodile that was sent for a first part of carbon dating tests that posted results dating it over 2000 years old. Feathers said that it still needs to be corraborated with other tests that are currently being conducted before he is confident with of its accuracy.

As exciting as this is the thing that sticks out the most to me is that if this is a legitimate ancient record engraved on metal plates it speaks volumes about how the ancients kept records in hopes of preserving their most important messages. It also acts as added proof along with the Copper Scroll (part of the Dead Sea Scrolls) that this was a somewhat common pratice used the same way that Nephi did when creating the plates that were used and eventually translated into the Book of Mormon. One the other hand if these do prove to be nothing more than another attempt of a Bedouin to get a fraud out on to the antiquities market in hopes for it to be sold, it does absolutley nothing as far as refuting the Book of Mormon.


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  2. This was how the pure word of God was written down, from hard red rock to cloth, and then of course metal. The Kaballah were ordered by God, to maintain History of his works, and travel with the scribes, and Prophets as they still do today, known as Berber, they are more frighten of letting people know who they are because a jealousy began after the last prophet was on earth to wipe them out, so some metal tablets were left with honorable and noble families to be gathered later, some were gathered, some were just duplicated for the purpose of never being stolen and passing the job done to their descendants to keep up this task of writing it all down, so they are in various places now Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and every Holy Land that the Messengers walk upon. This record is in the Qur'an, but traveling to the places that were judged before the decree gives you record of these events, and the families are in hiding today. But, all that is in the dark will come to light, and of course who would expect the Bani-Israelis to tell the truth, they rejected God, and his messengers so many time, when the Native Indians came to help the Arabs fight off the Jews, and others they made Metal Tablets about that too. So, the Ancient Aliens your talking about those are Ancient visits of Gods Angels, the language on the rocks are mixture of Coptic, Ahramic, Arabic, Native Indian, and Ionians language its not hieroglyphics hopefully one day you will teach this in school so the children learn the truth, and all myths and mythology originates from real spiritual drama of ancestors they were not idols or goddess, or gods, they were Legions of Ministering Spirits attempting to minister to mankind the real Truth, and some wanted to distorted the truth, but it will shine through one day soon.

  3. Boss Lady thank your for your feedback but you said, "So, the Ancient Aliens your talking about those are Ancient visits of Gods Angels". I didn't mention ancient aliens anywhere in the blog post. And if your familiar with the Book of Mormon you'll know that I completely agree with the visitations of angels as is noted in numerous stories throughout the Book of Mormon.