In The Cavity of a Rock

In The Cavity of a Rock
Father Lehi

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mormon Times: From Sierra Leone to Temple Square

This is the video of Sister Mariama Kallon. I served my mission with her for about 6 weeks. She actually served her mission in the SLC Temple Square mission and as a 4 month reassignment that Temple Square missionaries get she was called to the Kentucky Louisville Mission. I was her first district leader and can attest for what an amazing woman Sister Kallon is. Upon entering the mission home she asked the mission president (Michael C. Cannon) for a rag that she could use. President Cannon gave her a rag and went about his business only to discover she didn't need it for herself. She used the rag to clean the shoes of her fellow missionaries after they had kicked off their shoes at the mission home door. She did this out of respect and the love she has for not only her fellow missionaries and their calling a calling the she herself held and fullfilled in such a reverant manner.

Her Christ like love was contagious to all those who knew her. I remember my companion and I and Sister Kallon and her companions getting up one morning and having a little campfire on the banks of the Ohio River and just hanging out as friends and having a good time kind of as a welcoming get together for her when she came to the mission. I later was transferred to my last area in Evansville Indiana and never got to see her again. So its good to see that she is still extremely active and shares her message....a message that needs to be heard! Upon finding out that my companion Elder Seegmiller and I were being transferred she made each one of us the following handkerchieves to show her appreciation to us as friends and fellow missionaries. She has truly been such a great example to all who know her.

Sister Kallons documentary DVD can be purchased through deseret book at the following link.

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  1. Sister Kallons documentary DVD can be purchased through deseret book at the following link.