In The Cavity of a Rock

In The Cavity of a Rock
Father Lehi

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bonds of friendship strong between Catholics and Latter-day

I feel that in times like these it will be relationships like this that will help people keep the Christian faith. I remember while serving my mission in the Bible Belt we used to joke around and say that Catholics make the best Mormons, I had the opportunity to do service with many Catholics and had nothing but respect for each of them as well as those of other faiths who helped us in many ways. Although I recognize the added truth that we have received via the Book of Mormon (D&C and PGP) and latter-day prophets and I am greatful for those truths and do my best to understand them and apply them to my everyday life but I still think that when we all meet our maker we'll all be taking some sort of a "Religion 101".

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