In The Cavity of a Rock

In The Cavity of a Rock
Father Lehi

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Recent Blog Updates

So recently I have received some feedback in regards to a blog post I did back in 2010 in regards to comparisons to the Hopi kachina mask and costumes and practices found in the Old Testament.  The feedback I have received was filled will malice and hatred towards me and my religion.  In stead of retaliating back I chose to delete the comments and attempt to be the bigger person.  I have since received a request supposedly from the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office asking that I remove the information regarding the kachina masks immediately.  Anyone reading the post should be able to see that I have never meant harm nor ill will to the Hopi or any of the indigenous of the Americas to whom I have made comparisons and drawn parallels.  I have decided to once again choose the high road and have removed the blog post in respect for sacredness of the information I shared about the Hopi kachina masks.  Now whether  the comments were actually from the HCPO or not does not matter to me.  I will continue to post comparisons and research I find interesting with the Book of Mormon and the Hopi and other civilizations that were contemporaries to the Nephites and Lamanites, I will just have to supply more due diligence in avoiding things held sacred. I would like to note that there are numerous convergences that I have avoided posting on due to the reverence held and the sacredness of the ceremonies.  In return I would hope that those that I may have offended would approach me or any others in my situation in a much, much more professional manner and remember the people and culture they are supposed to be representing.


  1. Thank you for taking that post down. You seem like a very decent, albeit, misguided person, and Im sure you had nothing but good intentions. However, I'm sure you are familiar with the saying, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." While I do not defend the malice and hatred you mentioned, by any means, I think its important for you to understand that the Hopi along with most other indigenous groups have been persecuted, disrespected and subject to incredible amounts of "malice and hatred" as well through the systematic exploitation of their respective cultures for many, many years. This is not an excuse for anybody's actions, only a clue as to why someone would react with such negativity. I too saw the blog post that you recently took down, and chose not to respond. As offended and hurt as I was, I felt it better to simply notify the Hopi tribe and let them handle it. Please know that although you still have many things on your blog post that are truly offensive and inappropriate, you have made a good start at rectifying the situation by taking down the most sacred information regarding Hopi ceremonies. I would urge you to go to the Hopi Tribe's Cultural Preservation Office website (you can google it) for further information and perhaps a little clearer insight. I would also urge you to ensure that you appropriately research a culture before posting such sensitive and sacred material. Asquali (thank you).

  2. I enjoy this blog immensely. I have Crow ancestry as well as Middle Eastern.

    I fail to see what has been disrespectful to the Hopi. From reading the posts, it is obvious the blog owner has nothing but respect for the Hopi and all Native Americans and their cultures.

    If people are going to get upset over some posts on this blog, then the upset people need to get upset about the many books and articles and other blogs about Native Americans, (of which many really are disrespectful) and do something about those.

  3. I certainly see your point, but what you need to understand is disrespect (either intentional or unintentional) comes in many forms. The simple sharing of private, sacred information is disrespectful. This is what Im referring to as disrespectful. I have seen and heard many, many native american activisits (Crow, included) speak and write against this same type of thing.
    I also completely agree that people need to get upset about the many books and articles and other blogs about Native Americans! You are absolutely correct; and I will absolutely continue to speak out against them as well! Thank you for the encouragement (or at least that's what I took it to be). Again, to the owner of this blog, THANK YOU for taking down that most sacred information!

  4. Ugh it is always so hard to read ridiculous backlash from natives who dont take a second to understand the situation.

    First of all Im south american native...of the Kallawaya. I am also a member of the same church that the author of this blog is affiliated with, I was raised in America & I attended an Indian Nations university.

    No respectable native acts the way you did you spoiled brat! You probably clench onto your CDIB card at night with a quantum of 1/32 then by morning use the 'race card' in every conversation as you blame everyone else for all your problems!

    I cant comment on sacred Hopi rituals that were posted because theyre gone but its your behavior thats my issue. Sending hateful drunk emails & then snitching about well intentioned research instead of keeping things professional is whats wrong with the world today!

    I see great value in the ancient Hopi teachings. Ive personally been to Hopi presentations where I have been better equipped to discern the ancient Hopi symbols & teachings better than the tribemember who was teaching! How could this be?! Because of the ancient teachings found in my church as well as my personal research into everything spiritual. If it were me, I would have left that Hopi information up. You may get away using the race card like gangbusters most of the time, but im not white & im not the American I dont fall for your guilt trip BS.

    From my perspective, the best thing that could have ever happened to your tribe was to become wards of the American government! It has protected Hopi culture for all these years. Look at the Kallawaya as a contrast. South America has been a bloody mess for all its history. Do you think the current Bolivian government cares about their natives? Do you think we could win a lawsuit against America worth HALF A BILLION dollars like the Hopi did? Do you think we have a community center, a web site or even any land? Pshh...get over yourself & act with some quiet dignity jerk-off.

    -eddie rumiƱahui

  5. Who do you think you are? Don't you pontificate about some fake perception you have about me or anyone else. You are an embarrassment to your tribe and have no right to insult me or anyone else. Hopi teachings are not to be laid out for everyone, that is part of what makes them Hopi teachings you idiot. You talk about respect and acting with some "quiet dignity..." and then you throw around some of the ignorant, trashy, stupid and assinine comments like you did above?
    I will be sure to pass on your views about Hopi teachings to tribal authorities. YOU are the true problems in the world. Before you go judging others and their opinions maybe you need to know all the facts. Your mormon teachings, Im sure would not have you saying some of the things you mentioned in your ridiculous rant.
    As for "using the race card"; I've never done that; but I will continue to speak out against issues that affect my tribe, my people and my community. I will also continue to speak out against jerks like you. You need to get away from the keyboard before you hurt yourself.
    And to the owner of this blog, you bashed the other individual for posting rude and offensive comments; what about this creep Eddie??? Or is it ok, since he's on your side??? I'm reporting this blog.

  6. In regards to both posts, I would prefer that the posters keep cool heads especially when dealing with the sacred and spiritual. Just for the record I appreciate the support for my research and the subjects that I post on in my blog. For those who know and are familiar with the many topics I post on, you know that it is a serious passion of mine and plays a very important role in my life.

    With that said I also understand that people have their opinions and although we may disagree on how to handle issues and our beliefs on subjects we are all entitled to them. To me it doesn't matter that I was reported to the Hopi Tribal Council, they respectfully asked me to remove the post and ultimately it was my decision to remove it not theirs. You can feel free to continue to report me or my blog to whomever you would like. I have handled any issues reported about me or my blogs contents respectfully. I have also been an advocate for keeping many things sacred from Hopi to LDS content throughout the web. I have defended both on other blogs, chat rooms, youtube and facebook and will continue to. With that said I also have my opinion and with that the right to voice it. So I will. I appreciate any context or feedback on issues that people have added insights or differ in opinion, especially if its done respectfully. I am not responsible for the posts of others but if things get out of hand I will delete the comments as they can draw attention away from the actual blog posts. In conclusion I would hope that all people who post on this blog will keep it professional. I have multiple comments on posts in the past that strongly differ with what has been shared in the post and we have respectfully agreed to disagree. I would appreciate it if people wouldn't be so sensitive. Thanks!

    And in the spirit of Christianity for those who disagree with me I frankly forgive you! LOL (this is just a joke to all)